Search Feature - $200


If you would like to add a search feature to your website, to make it easy for your customers to find pages within your site, this is for you.

This is an easy to use app. When your website visitors use this app on your website, it will perform a keyword search. Basically, every time your keyword(s) are used on any of your website pages, whether it be in your page title, your metadata, url, or your page body, the page will come up in the search results. You can use this search feature on as many different pages as you'd like.

The results will display the name of the page, excerpts of the page body and description, then the url. The keywords will be highlighted in the search results. The results will appear in the order of relevance defined by Shift. Please keep in mind, you will not be able to customise how the results appear visually, or the order they appear, as they are system generated.

You can define the block's title, and the text on the button. You can also define what the searchable area is, by allowing searches everywhere, beneath the page your search box is on (subpages) or beneath another page (another page's sub pages). The 'title' will display in the same styling as your 'h3' titles. The block does not come with pre-defined block style templates, however if you'd like to customise the look of the block yourself, you can do so using the 'custom block style' builder.

Within the app, you can decide whether you want to list the search results on the page, or on another page. If you'd like to list the results on another page, it's easy to do – it just has to have the search app installed on that page.

The search app is clever! If you've got our Members Areas installed on your website, and you've made certain pages only available to your members, the members pages won't come up in the search results unless the person searching is logged in, and a member. Neat, huh?

Keep in mind, there are a few limitations.You cannot have pre-existing words in the search box, the search box will not search for words under four characters long, the button is the default button style (this will vary according to what browser the visitor is using), and the length of the search bar cannot be customised, as it's all system generated. The search feature is a basic keyword search - it wasn't designed for plural words, multi-word terms, locality, etc. Also, keep in mind this app will not search within documents – for example, if you've got a word file on a certain page, the app will not bring up the word file in the search results. This search app meets the needs of 95% of all of our customers needing search facilities on their website.