RSS Displayer - $200

rss.pngKeep your visitors up-to-date by displaying another website's RSS feed on your site. RSS feeds are a great way to keep your visitors interested with fresh content, so they'll keep coming back. Thousands of websites around the world use RSS feeds on their sites. RSS feeds are basically like 'news tickers'. With this app, you can tap into those news tickers and put their content on your website.

Most RSS feeds post titles, dates and short summaries. Take the New Zealand Herald, for example. If you go to their RSS page at, you can choose what kind of RSS feed you'd like on your site. For example, if you'd just like to display the business news articles from their business section, you can do so. You have no control over what another website puts on their RSS feed, but you can choose how they are displayed on your website. Basically, all you need to do is paste the RSS URL into the app, define the number of items you'd like to display, define whether you'd want only titles, or titles and summary, and define whether or not you want the links to open in new windows (recommended).

Visually, this app will use your website's default text styling. Summaries will be truncated by adding a '...' at the end of approximately 200 characters. There will be no custom block templates for this block, however you can style it however you wish using the 'custom block style' tool.

Please note, this app is used for retrieving RSS feeds from other websites, not creating your own RSS feed. If you would like to create an RSS feed so that other websites can retrieve your news on their sites, you should consider getting a blog by getting our Blog and News (with RSS) App.