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Project Fast-Track  - $1000

As we do around 40 website projects each month, it makes prioritising clients on tight timeframes exceptionally difficult. Essentially, if we prioritise a project with a tight deadline, we have to give it priority over projects that are further along in the design and build process.

If your project is highly urgent and has a go-live date that requires the project to be completed on a tight timeframe, we can make allowances for this, but it causes significant scheduling issues with our other projects.

For this reason, if we provide a "fast track" service. The fast track service provides you with:

- A priority project start date.

- Your project will be marked as urgent, and put to the top of the queue of projects for your design concept, design concept revisions, website coding by our developers, and quality checking by our support team.

- We commitment to a 2 working day turnaround on design concepts, a 2 working day turnaround on design concept revisions, and a 4 working day turnaround on website coding and quality checking. If content loading is required a 3 working day turnaround is provided (not including any page design or layout revisions requested).

As your deadline is based on how fast we receive your approval on design concepts, as well as how many rounds of design revisions you require, we can only guarantee how fast we will turn around each aspect of the design and build process once it's approved by you (as outlined above). We can't guarantee the project "go live" date as it's also dependant on your speed approving design concepts, and loading your content.

Fast Track Fee

A fast-track fee of $1000+gst is payable prior to your project start date. If we fail to meet the above turnaround times, the fast track fee will be deducted from your final invoice. By payment of your fast track fee, you accept the terms above.