Poll Questions - $200

survey.pngEasily add unlimited polls to your site, and display your results to your visitors in a pie graph. Visitors that are interacting with your website are more likely to buy from you. A great way of increasing engagement to your website is to post surveys/polls. Polls are also a great way of gaining insight into your customer base. This easy-to-use app will enable you to ask a question with multiple options. The app will then report in a pie chart the breakdown of what percentage of people answered what answer.

The app is automatically setup so that each visitor can only vote once. This is based on cookies. Please keep in mind that if the same visitor uses a different browser, or a different computer, they're able to vote more than once on the same survey.

You can have as many polls/surveys as you'd like across your website. You're limited to one question (with as many answers as you'd like) per survey. The visual appearance of how the questions display is not editable. They will be shown in text, in the same font styling as your default website's text. The question will appear on the top line, and the answer options will be listed with a radio button, going down vertically, exactly as pictured in the screenshots.

The graph will also be displayed exactly as pictured. The colours are not editable. This app was designed to be placed in an area of your website with pleanty of horizontal space. This app isn't appropriate for sideblocks as the content will be too squashed. When a vote is cast, the questions will disappear, and the results will show. The results cannot be displayed on a separate page. When the app is displaying the results, the words 'You've voted on this survey' are displayed' in your H3 title font. Website visitors are unable to view the results of the poll without first voting.
You're able to view all poll responses in the backend by logging into shift and viewing 'reports' in your dashboard. You'll get a list of all of the polls you've had, and you're able to click into each survey to view the percentages. You don't get a date breakdown on all of the responses. If date ranges on surveys are important to you, you can set up a different survey for each date range.

You're unable to directly manipulate the results in the backend, but of course if you want to discontinue a poll, you can just remove it in the front end. When visitors cast their vote, they are not given the option of leaving 'comments'. If a logged in member has cast a vote, their vote will appear in the poll's breakdown. If someone not logged in/a guest votes, their identity will not be in the poll's breakdown. All poll breakdowns are on-screen – csv exports of poll results are not available.