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PayPal Donations Box - $300

paypaldonate.pngThis block makes it easy for people to donate to you via credit card. It's exceptionally easy to use. You can easily setup a donate button that will allow your visitors to either donate a set amount, donate set amounts from a dropdown list of options you provide (e.g. $20, $50, $100) or leave the amounts blank so that the donator defines exactly how much he/she is wanting to donate.

When visitors use the donate button, they will be able to pay with their credit card through PayPal. They'll be directed to your PayPal hosted payment page, where they'll simply enter in their credit card details. After they do so, your PayPal account will be credited. When you're ready to get paid, you'll simply withdraw the funds from your PayPal account, and this will go directly into your bank account.

The PayPal Donations Box App is flexible.

  • You can define the title for the block (h3 title tag)
  • You can define the currency (one currency per block, a full list of currencies can be found here.)
  • You can define the donation amounts available in a dropdown selection
  • You can leave the donation amount open for the visitors to define
  • You can customise the donate button itself with your own jpg/png image (no hover effect)
  • You can set 'item numbers' (or references) for donations made
  • Of course, you can define the PayPal email address that the funds go to.

The PayPal Donations Box comes with a the default styling of the H3 title font centered as the title, and the default text styling (boldened) of your website for the 'amount' heading. There will be no custom block templates for this block, however you can style it however you wish using the 'custom block style' tool. Please keep in mind there is no email encryption with this block and the paypal email address is available in the source code.

Please keep in mind that in each block on you can have a single currency available. You can also either offer an open amount (for the visitor to define), or a specific amount (in a dropdown box), not both. However, you can set up as many PayPal Donations Box blocks as you'd like, so if you would like to set up multiple options, you can setup multiple blocks.