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Members Area – General Content - $400

So, you need a password-protected members area for your site, and the content for all your members is the same. If that's the case, this functionality is for you.

If you have an info site where you'll need a members area that displays the same content to all logged in members, then this functionality is for you. If however, you require a members area that displays content unique to each user, see the 'unique content members area'

Your users will log in with their own username and password, and have the website display the members area content. With this functionality, you'll be able to setup as many usernames and passwords as you'd like. You'll be able to update the members area that will display for all users. If any non-logged in members attempt to view the members area, the content will not be displayed. If an incorrect username/password is entered, the viewer will not be allowed into the members area.

The Details...

The user themselves will not be able to add/edit any of the content themselves - all content will be created/maintained by you. The allocation of usernames/passwords is a manual process. Essentially, the process is that you'll log into shift, and create a username and password for each user, within shift itself. The next step is to setup the content that will displayed for all users. Full instructions will be provided. You will provide usernames/passwords to your clients however you wish - usernames/passwords/forgotten passwords will not be automatically emailed to the customer. You'll also have the ability to update the usernames/passwords, and disable users as you wish. If a user goes to the URL of a password protected page, it will display a non-branded generic login screen, pictured on this page. This page is system generated and unable to be customised.

Please note that the members area does not use SSL encryption. The members area is ideal for displaying text content unique to any particular user. If the members area is used to display files/downloads, please keep in mind that although non-logged in members will not be able to see any links to the files, and the files will not be able to be found by browsing the site, if a member reveals the specific file URL to a non-logged in member, the file will still be able to display. This isn't a problem for most in 99% of cases, but if sensitive confidential information is to be stored in the members area, a corporate-grade security behind an SSL firewall is recommended.

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