iFrame - Free

iframe.pngWant to embed a website into your own website? This app is for you. This app allows you to put a website within a website.

With this easy-to-use app, simply type in the URL of the page you want to embed, give it a name, and type in the pixel dimensions of how wide, and how high you want the area that will display the website to be.
You can even turn on/off options such as framing the border, aligning left, right or centre of the block, turning on/off scrolling, or setting the margin width/height.

Keep in mind, with iFrames you cannot change how the website you embed will appear, as it's reading directly from the website that you're embedding. You're unable to embed 'part' of a website. For example, you can't embed another websites content, while removing their branding from the top of the page. Likewise, you're unable to 'resize' a webpage so it fits in the iframe window.

This would not be ideal for some websites – for example, if the website's width is larger than your own, then this may push the borders of your own website, making your website mal-aligned. If you need us to make your website wider, we can do so at $100+gst per hour.

Clicks within the iframe will be determined by the webpage that you're embedding, not by you. For example, if a link opens in a new window within the webpage, you cannot change it to open within the iframe.
Certain websites are impossible to iframe (google, for example), because their sites have hidden code that forbids it. If you're unsure if the page you'd like is embeddable, just ask our support team.

If embedding a webpage is important to your project, it's your responsibility to make sure you look into the above factors to ensure the webpage you'd like to embed would be appropriate for your website. If you require us to do any changes to your website to better incorporate the webpage you're wanting to iframe (e.g. make one page of your website wider so it fits the webpage without scrolling) then we can do this by the hour. All of our websites are coded to be ideal for those with resolutions of 1024x768 pixels.