Form Builder - $400

form_builder2.pngSo, you want to create your own forms on your website? With form builder, you can create an unlimited number of forms with an unlimited amount of questions. The results of the forms will send to your email address, and will also be recorded in the database of your website, accessible on your dashboard.

This gives you amazing power to maximise every page on your website to generate leads. It also gives you the ability to setup registration forms, or ask your customers in-depth questions to gain insight on whatever you'd like.

The form builder is extremely flexible. Ask as many questions as you like. Your questions can be text fields, text areas, radio buttons (selection dots), selection boxes (dropdown boxes), checkbox lists (tick boxes), file uploads, email address fields, telephone, and web address fields. You can also set each question to make it a required, or not required field.

For email fields, it enforces the correct format of an email address so the user cannot put in text that doesn't resemble an email address. If a non email address is entered, it will prompt the user to enter an email address. The same works for a URL.

At any stage, you can edit your forms, by either editing the questions themselves, or the order that they appear.

From your dashboard, you'll be able to access the form results page, which shows all of the data and payment information that your visitors submit. For each form, you'll get a breakdown on all the responses for that form. You can even export the responses each form into an excel spreadsheet that will give you the date and answer for each question – amazing!

Our competitors are charging upwards of $1,000 for this kind of functionality, plus adding $20-$30 to your monthly hosting fee. With us, it's only a one-off of $400, and you can use your form builder as much as you like on your website.

After your visitors have completed your form, you can redirect them to a thank you page, or simply display a thank you message (which you can customise) on the page that the form is filled out.

The form builder comes pre-set with CAPTCHA (to protect your form from SPAM). You can choose to use this or not. Please keep in mind the captcha device's appearance and functionality is system generated and cannot be customised.

The forms themselves are extremely flexible, but please keep in mind that they do not have any 'on-the-fly' functionality. That is to say, you cannot select an item, and have other items appear or disappear based on your selection. Also, the layout and styling of the form is automatically set based on your questions.

Because the layout and styling of the form is automatically generated, it's 'as is'. You cannot divide your questions into 'sections' or multiple pages. There is also no auto-response that visitor receives after completing the form. Questions will appear in bold to the left, with the form fields to the right (with the default text styling of your website). Keep in mind, your forms will need to be on an area of your website that's wide enough to display the form fields and the questions.

The styling of the prompts are not able to be customisable – for example, required fields are displayed with a red asterix, visitors will be met with a grey box with a shadow if they do not complete the email and URL boxes appropriately, and if required fields are not completed, a message in a yellow box will display prompting them to complete the fields, once they press submit. The prompts can also not be edited, as they are system generated. The styling of the form fields, and the submit button is unable to be customised. The submit button will always read 'submit'.

For 95% of our customers, this form builder meets their needs perfectly. If you need something more custom, please send through your requirements and we'll give you an estimate on how long it would take to build a form to suit your requirements.