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Facebook Like Button - Free

facebooklike.pngGet your customers to promote your website by adding a facebook 'like' button to your website. Add this app to any page and it will allow your visitors to promote your pages on their Facebook profile. When a visitor to your website presses the 'like', a link to your page (along with a summary of your page) will appear on their facebook profile.

You can set up the following option on every page:

  • Show or not faces of people who like it.
  • Define the width of the Like Me area.

Please note, this app will promote the actual page that the app is placed on, rather than the overall website.

When a visitor presses the 'like' button, it gives them the option to make a comment, which will also be posted on their profile. Facebook will often pick an image from your page to publish along with your link. Please note that this image is defined by facebook so this is not customisable within the app. This app works best in content areas that are wide, rather than a sidebar. If the app is placed on a sidebar, some of the content may be cut off.

Please take note, this app is used to promote pages on your website, which is different from a 'facebook profile' for your business. You can set up a facebook profile for free any time you like. With facebook, you need to sign up with your personal account (if you haven't already), then go to any fan page (e.g. http://www.facebook.com/123onlinenz) then click 'create a page' and follow the prompts. We recommend you use this app to promote your pages in conjunction with promoting your facebook profile.

facebooklike.pngFacebook have updated their system, restricting access, so our old facebook like button app no longer works. Not to worry though! You can still add facebook like buttons - simply follow the instructions in our pdf guide here.