Express Ecommerce - $900

ecommerce_express_icon.pngOur express shopping cart is a lightweight, flexible, easy-to-use eCommerce solution for Shift. It's ideal for clients that have an information website, but also have a few products to sell. If you need a fully-featured ecommerce solution, we'd recommend our Ecommerce Package, but if you're wanting something simple (and affordable) then this is for you.

Customers can add multiple products to their shopping cart and have the subtotal, discount and other relevant prices update automatically. The cart integrates perfectly with PayPal so your website visitors can pay via credit card. The cart also supports email orders so you can use it for bank transfer payments as well.

How it works

Your website visitors will navigate to a page with products on it, where they can click on a thumbnail of a product to see a zoomed-in version (recommended), and they can click the 'Add to cart' button. Doing so will add the product to their shopping cart and display a javascript popup saying "You've added "product name" to your cart (as illustrated below).

Once the visitor has finished adding products to their cart, it's time for checkout. The visitor simply clicks the cart icon at the top of the page and this brings them to the cart/checkout page. The visitor can adjust quantities of products, and enter in their details for delivery, discount codes (if relevant) and shipping options. The cart page dynamically adjusts the totals on the fly.

The visitor then presses the payment button and (if they're paying via credit card) they enter their credit card or PayPal user info to make payment. The merchant will then receive an email notifying them of the order, and a separate email from PayPal (if they've paid via PayPal) informing them that they have money in their paypal account.


Payment Options

The express shopping cart accepts credit card payment through PayPal, or simple ordering through email (which you can use to arrange bank transfer payments).


PayPal is the world's most popular method of accepting payment online. How it works is you sign up with a free PayPal account, and link your bank account to your PayPal account. When someone makes payment via PayPal, they'll go through to a secure PayPal page where the customer can enter in their credit card details or PayPal account details (if they have one). When a payment gets sent to you, you'll be sent an email from PayPal informing you that a payment has been made. You're then able to transfer that payment directly into your bank account. Standard PayPal credit card transaction fees apply. You're of course bound by PayPal's terms and conditions as a condition of using their services.

Bank Transfer

The express shopping cart also accepts 'email' orders. What this means is rather than going through a payment gateway like PayPal, your customers can simply make an order which will send you an email with all their details, and the details of what they ordered. You can call this payment method (if you like) 'Pay via Bank Transfer'. Once you receive the order, you'll simply send the customer an invoice (which is a manual process) requesting payment. Once the payment comes in, you'd of course ship the goods.



The express shopping cart is feature-packed:

  • Add an unlimited number of products
  • Add products on separate pages and shares the same cart automatically (1 product page recommended)
  • Customise the button colours to match the theme of your website
  • Extensive use of AJAX for maximum speed and no page reloading!
  • Easily set product name, price, description, weight and options such as size or color
  • Easily adjust thumbnail image size and cropping
  • Optionally click product thumbnail to view larger version
  • Smooth animated product names and descriptions
  • Easily configure regional settings: currency, price formatting and tax rate
  • 9 different shipping calculation methods available
    • Free
    • Flat rate
    • Per item
    • Per item tier (e.g. $5 shipping charge on an order with up to 50 items and $8 shipping charge on an order with up to 100 items)
    • Subtotal %
    • Subtotal tier (e.g. $5 shipping charge on an order subtotal up to $50 and $8 shipping charge on an order subtotal up to $100)
    • Per weight unit
    • Advanced options for advanced users. 123 Online's developers can assist at $100+gst per hour.
    • Zone based shipping is possible by setting up multiple shipping methods (e.g. North Island, South Island, Australia, Rest of the World) where the customer makes a selection from a dropdown box on the checkout page.
  • Configure free shipping thresholds (eg. free shipping for olders over $50)
  • Set multiple shipping methods (eg. standard delivery, express and overnight)
  • Easily add discount coupons (fixed amount or percentage)
  • Advanced discount rules for advanced users (eg. $5 for orders over $75). 123 Online's developers can assist at $100+gst per hour.



Since this is our express ecommerce option and intended for basic use, there are obviously limitations. From a big picture point of view, if you require functionality customisations, express shopping cart isn't for you - you should take a look at our ecommerce solution here. A few of these limitations to be aware of (but not limited to) are:

  • There is no stock management facility available. If you run out of a particular product you can simply remove it from the product list, or clearly label that it's out of stock if you'd still like to accept back-orders.
  • There is no order management facility available. When an order goes through, it simply sends you an email with all the details required regarding the shopper and what they purchased, and (if paid via PayPal) it will also send you the payment. The client will not receive an order, nor can they check their order status on the website.
  • Products can have attribues (e.g. small, medium large) but those attributes cannot cost different amounts - they must be listed as different products.
  • Orders and customer details are not stored in a database, it's a simple email that gets sent out to the website owner.
  • The system will send out the confirmation email once the buyer clicks into the payment method, whether the payment has been made or not. It's the merchant's responsibility to ensure payment has been made before shipping the goods.
  • The shop is flexible enough to have some advanced javascript customisation (for example, discount calculations based on how many items there are in the shopping cart). While we'll make our best efforts to help, if you require development for this type of functionality (if it is possible within the system and within our technical expertise) it will be at an additional by-the-hour cost.
  • The product layout and cart layout are system generated and cannot be changed. They're exactly as pictured - we will however match the buttons colouring to your website colours.
  • The checkout fields cannot be customised (including which fields are required fields). They're exactly as pictured below.
  • There is no ability for the client to make comments on the products they order
  • You can put your shop on multiple pages, but the system is designed to work best if only one product page is used
  • There is no customer reviews system on the products
  • Your cart cannot be integrated with the rest of the website (for example, you cannot have how many items in your cart integrated into your website's header). The express shopping cart is a block, which has all the shop's functionality and content within that block. 
  • The system does not generate invoice - you'll need to do this manually once the order comes through
  • The PayPal order page looks how it looks. This may include weight and description information copied over from the shop that may be blank
  • The system does not send the customer an email confirmation - you'll need to do this manually
  • The system does not integrate with any accounting packages
  • The system sends a text-based email confirmation to the shop owner, and this is unable to be customised
  • The system cannot redirect to multiple success pages based on payment method
  • The system does have have order totals on success pages
  • The system does not support multiple currencies
  • The shop looks and behaves exactly as described on this page


Important note

If a particular function is necessary for your purposes, it's your responsibility to make this clear to your consultant before proceeding so we can assess the suitablility of the express shopping cart before beginning the process. 

Also please note, it is important that the shop owner double-checks the product price and shipping price actually paid by customers (via the payment gateway) before dispatching an order. We recommend making a test order to ensure the shop is configured to your liking.

Screen shots