Events Calendar - $400

calender.pngDo you host or manage events that you want to easily be able to tell your website visitors about? This app is for you – our fully integrated events calendar app enables you to list all your events and schedule in their times, and have them display in both calendars on your website, or list views.

Your Events App can display your events in six different views...

  • Full Calendar View
  • Small Calendar View (ideal for sidebars)
  • Today List (lists all events of the day)
  • Agenda Grouped by Date List (shows all upcoming events, grouped by date)
  • Past Events Archive List
  • This Week's List

The app is very easy to use, and you can use it in as many different places as you'd like. For example, you can have a small calendar and an 'events coming up this week' list on your homepage, and a full sized calendar on your events page.

This app works great with our Form Builder with PayPal App to take online bookings for events, using PayPal to process credit card payment.

Events can be categorised. Categories are handy, because it essentially means you can have as many 'sub calendars' as you'd like. You can basically limit your calendars or events lists to only show events from a certain category (or categories). You can set up as many categories as you'd like.

Events can also be coloured – colours are handy if you want to display all of your events on a full calendar, but you want to make the different types of events easily recognisable. Colours will appear on the full calendar display, but will have no effect on the event lists.

When adding an event, you have the following options...

  • Title
  • Category
  • Colour (which shows on full calendar view)
  • Hide Link to Events Page (handy if you just want to display an event's title/date/time)
  • Start Time and End Time
  • All Day Event Option (all times will be ignored)
  • Recurring event options of daily, weekly or monthly
  • Event description (shows on full calendar or list views)
  • Event content (shows on the event's page)
  • Link options of location, address, contact name, contact email (which will be displayed in a consistent format on the event's page).
  • On the event's page itself, you're able to customise exactly what goes on here as you would any other page using Shift

The Details

The colours of the links and font colours are automatically styled to the styling colour of your website. The calendar views will automatically resize to the width of the block you're placing it into. On list views, the app will always display the earliest events first.

You can head up the event app with a title (H1). The calendars will be displayed in grey, and with event lists, the calendar date icons will be displayed in red as pictured. When you choose to use an events list, and there are no events to be displayed, the text 'No events...' will be displayed. The styling, colours and layout of the calendars and event listings are system generated, therefore cannot be changed.

Please bear in mind that the Events app is not a fully functional booking system, however, it works very well with our Form Builder with PayPal App if you would like to use it to take payment/registration for events. To take registrations for events, simply setup a registration form on each 'events' page (using the Form Builder with PayPal App). Visitors will be able to click into the event, complete the form, and pay you on credit card via PayPal.

Please keep in mind, this is not a ticketing/allocation application, so the management of the actual events you're running is up to you. Also please bear in mind that there are no visitor calendar submissions or 'appointment slots', and the calendar does not sync with other calendars (e.g. Outlook or Gmail).

The 'small calendar' (ideal for side blocks) will underline the date whenever an event is scheduled. Clicking on a date will bring up a small popup, which will list the events scheduled for that day. Clicking the event's link will take the visitor to the events page (unless you have elected to remove the link for that particular event). The full calendar will display as pictured below. Due to space restrictions, in full calendar view, only 20 characters of the event titles will display, so titles should be kept to 20 characters or under.

For every new event, a page for that event is created. The default view is a left sidebar page orientation with a small calendar on it, and the full event content to the right, along with any link options entered in when the event was being created. The layout and spacing within the event's content is not customisable as it's system generated, however the rest of the page can be treated like any other page in Shift, customised to your liking.