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Spam Email Protect - Free


Don't want to reveal your email address to potential spammers? This app means you can have a link to your email address, but spamming-robots won't be able to read what your email address actually is.

Whenever you post your email address to a web page, it is readable by search bots. This also means that spam bots can read it, and your inbox piles up with spam. This app will allow you to post your email on your website without fear, keeping your inbox clean! The app works using a technology called javascript. Basically, if javascript is enabled in the visitors browser (which comes set as default for most browsers), the email address is encrypted in a format which spam bots can't read. The visitor can then click on the link, which will open up their email client.

If javascript is not enabled then what the app does is take your inputted email address and encrypts it, but your visitors will still see your full email address, which they can copy and paste into their email client.

If javascript is not enabled in the visitor's browser, the link is not clickable. In edit mode the link appears as plain text, don't be worried by this. Please bear in mind that this app is a separate block, so it cannot be inserted into another block. The default link style as the default link style of your website.