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Email Marketing
System (MailChimp) - $300

email-marketing.pngIf you've ever got regular emails from Trademe, 1day.co.nz, or sites such as these, they're all using an email marketing system.

An email marketing system is basically a really easy way for you to market to your database. We integrate with a company called Mail Chimp. It's $300+gst for us to install and integrate into your website, and after that Mail Chimp gives you your first 12,000 (up to 2,000 subscribers) free of charge (rates subject to change). Basically, you'll be able to send newsletters and announcements to your database with the click of a button.

All of your letters will be personalised (so they'll say "Hi David" rather than a generic "Hello Customer") and the emails will be spam compliant, which is a legal requirement now. If for example, someone wants to get off your list, they just need to click an unsubscribe button, so your list manages itself.

Your email marketing system is completely web-based, with no software to install. You can use this email marketing system to email your customer base with specials, new product releases, company news and updates, or anything you like.

It really helps to keep people who have already brought from you coming back to your website, and turning them into repeat customers. The system comes with pre-made templates, enabling you to easily send brand-consistent emails that look great, and link back to the website, so it really helps to drive sales.

The Details...

Your email marketing system comes with a great easy to follow reporting structure, where you can follow statistics such as how many people opened your email, how many clicks you received, and even what links have been clicked.

We will integrate the email marketing system with your website by putting an online contact form on your site, making it easy for customers, or potential to subscribe. 

At the time that this document was written, Mail Chimp allows 12,000 emails (up to 2,000 subscribers) emails to be sent for free, with no monthly fees. The current pricing plans are here. These prices are subject to change and you are bound by MailChimp's terms and conditions.

The setup and installation price does not include email template design. If this is required, this can be done at $100+gst per hour. Your email system will come pre-built with an email template structure, enabling you to create great looking emails on the fly. If you require assistance with this we can help at our hourly rate.