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Additional Language Theme Design  - $600

If your website needs to be in another language and you have the language skills in-house, we can build you another theme that shows your additional language. When we're designing your site, we'll design it with a language filter option (normally two flag graphics, e.g. English flag and German flag). When the alternate language flag is clicked by the user, this will take them to a mirror site (same domain), but with the shell of the website in your other language. 

This is not an auto-translation feature - this is available here. With this option, you will enter in the content. Our CMS supports multiple languages, but as we only speak english, we're only able to assist you with English content.

Please not that this price is available only at the 'new website build' phase. If we have to add it on to an existing site we'll need to charge by the hour to alter your existing english template. Please also note, if you'd like your other language to be on a seprate domain, we'll need to charge you x2 hosting fees.