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Google Apps for Business
Email Solution

There's also the option for 123 Online to handle your email. You're welcome to keep your current system, or use any provider you want, but our solution is pretty exceptional.

It's based on Google Apps, and has a couple of key advantages over a standard email system.

The first, is that it's all online. That means your data can be accessed from anywhere. It also means that if your computer crashes, all your emails are safe.

It's also highly reliable as most companies can have email servers go down, or incur delays, or be marked onto a blacklist because some mail servers are insecure, which means mail gets lost or never reaches its destination. Our mail solution runs through Google so it's about a 99.9% uptime, which means there is little chance of anything being lost or delayed, or blacklisted. This means mail gets caught and delivered as it should.

Your email addresses will all be @yourdomain, which is more professional than an @xtra or @hotmail address for example. Each email address comes with a massive 25GB of space.

It also comes with a lot of handy features. It has an online calendar to organise your schedule, and has the ability to share between the other email addresses in your mail solution.

Google Document Sharing is also included so you can share files with other accounts in your solution (or send to people) which can be accessed from anywhere in the world. For example, if you have a document you want a number of people to be able to access and work on, without having to send the latest version backwards and forwards by email, this is a really easy way to share info with the right people. Space for this is at 5GB.

It can also connect with Imap so you can check your email on the run from mobile devices. It also has the Gtalk instant messaging so you can use it to chat between the other email accounts in your solution or anyone else connected to a GTalk account.

It's really the future of email – there's a massive wave of companies all switching over to Google Apps as it's versatile. It doesn't matter if you're at home, or in the office, or on your phone, you're always going to be on top of your email. NZ Post recently made the move for 2000 of its employees and it's getting rave reviews.

Most importantly, it's reliable, because it's maintained by the biggest company in the world.

In a snapshot...

  • Your own or .com email addresses
  • Inbox size - a massive 25GB per user
  • Google drive (cloud document storage) - 5GB
  • Video chat, calendar, document editing and more
  • Up to 20 email aliases for free (e.g. redirecting to
  • IMAP for you to sync to your iPhone / iPad or Android device.
  • $100+gst one-off setup
  • $12+gst per user per month