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Email Solution for People with Existing @domain Accounts

If you've already got your @yourdomain email sorted and want us to take care of the email for you, no problem. If your current solution works for you, you can keep it exactly as is and keep on paying your current provider.

Alternatively, a lot of our customers prefer to have their website, domain and email all under one roof. It just makes things a lot simpler from a billing and support point of view, so if there's any support queries, you're dealing with the one provider.

One really good thing with our email solution is it runs through the Google apps platform. Essentially, you can still check your email exactly the way you do now, so for example if you use Outlook you can keep using it. The major advantage is that if you're on the run you can also check your mail online anywhere you can access the internet.

If you'd like to move it over to us and have it all under one roof, we can host your email for a one off $100+gst set up, and then it's $12 per month per user.

Most importantly, it's reliable, because it's maintained by the biggest company in the world.

In a snapshot...

  • Your own or .com email addresses
  • Inbox size - a massive 25GB per user
  • Google drive (cloud document storage) - 5GB
  • Video chat, calendar, document editing and more
  • Up to 20 email aliases for free (e.g. redirecting to
  • IMAP for you to sync to your iPhone / iPad or Android device.
  • $100+gst one-off setup
  • $12+gst per user per month