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Xero Integration - $990
+ $100 per month

Our ecommerce system can integrate with the accounting system, Xero (www.xero.com). This will save you having to manually create sales invoices in Xero for each online sale made.

When a sales is made on your ecommerce website, our integration will...

  • Import the sale as a xero invoice
  • Import new customers as new accounts in xero
  • Intelligently match existing customer records in xero
  • Automatically match items ordered with items in your Xero inventory (if the items are labelled exactly the same)
  • Automatically create the item in Xero if none exists

The details...

  • Our integration relies on the product name details being identical in Xero and the ecommerce system.
  • When your customer makes an order from your shop, the invoice they receive is generated by our ecommerce system, but once the sale made online, the import process begins, and the orders made online will match the orders in Xero (however the invoice numbers will be different).
  • This integration is only available on an ecommerce package, and not available on the Express Cart on our Shift CMS.
  • If customisations are needed we'll endevour to help at our standard hourly rate ($100+gst) but due to the complexity of API integrations some requests may fall outside of our technical abilities. 
  • We can only integrate with Xero and cannot integrate with any other accounting packages. 
  • We will need Xero login details in order to successfully link the two systems.