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Watermark Image Protection - $100

Are you worried about people copying and using your product images without your permission? We can do image watermarking which appears across all your images. If someone copies the image, they'll get the image with the watermark, which shows the image is inauthentic. This is really ideal for people selling original works like art or photography. We can do this for $100.

The Details...

A semi-transparent image saying 'watermark' will appear in the centre of all images when clicked on to view in full size. If you wish, you can have your own logo or an image of your choice instead. These images can appear on your thumbnails as well – just let us know before we program it in for you.

Please note, you won't be able to update the 'watermark' yourself so please give it to us before we code it in. By default, your watermark will appear in the centre of the image. If you'd like it to appear in a corner of the image (e.g. bottom left) just let us know which corner before we program it in for you, and we'll place it for you free of charge.

If you'd like your own image to display (rather than a default 'watermark'), it would look best if you supplied us with a transparent .gif or .png file. This means your image will display the logo alone (with no background). If you would like us to create a custom image for you, or do custom work on the watermark image you supply, this can be done at a $100+gst per hour rate. The watermark image that comes with the functionality works just as well however.