Tell a Friend - $100

Do you feel you would generate more sales if your customers could easily email your products to their friends? We've got a perfect solution for this. Our developers can program a feature so within each product, your customers can click a link that will take them to a page that will let them enter the name and email address of their friend. Your shop will then send them a personalised email with your logo up the top, informing them that their friend has recommended one of your products. Because the product has been recommended to them this makes getting the sale a lot easier.

The Details...

A 'send to friend' option will appear below the image in the product details section (as the screenshot shows). Once the customer clicks this link, a new page will display and will prompt to enter the 'Friend's name' and 'friend's email'. The system will then automatically send the friend an email telling them that they've been recommended a product. The link layout, send a message page, message email will not be able to be edited by the client. If any customisations are required on any of the above, this can be done at $100+gst an hour.