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Single Page Checkout - $200

If some of your customers will be more one off sales than repeat customers, we have a solution that makes the ordering process a lot quicker. Typically the reason customers create accounts is to get them to log in when they return to the shop, get them on the email marketing database, and see their previous account info.

If this stuff isn't as relevant for all your customers, we've got the option of creating a one page purchase process. This means they can purchase without going through the account setup process, and makes it quick, easy for one time purchasers. Sites like 1day.co.nz use this option really effectively. We can set this up for $200, and it should result in a smooth, quick ordering process for this type of customer.


On the checkout page, the cart, any voucher codes (if relevant), a space to enter customer information (with the option of an already registered customer to login), and the choice of delivery method (if relevant) will appear. If the customer is paying through credit card, once the customer proceeds to the next step, they will be brought to the secure credit card page. Once they enter in their credit card details the order is securely processed and the sale is made.