Restricted Age

If you're selling products that can only be sold to people over 18, we can program in an automatic pop up prompting people for their age before they enter the site. It's $300+gst to program in for you. This is a legal requirement for restricted products.

The Details...

A pop-up in a lightbox will appear before your customers can browse your site, prompting them to enter in their birthday. Before we code it in, please provide us with a minimum age (default is 18), a title (default is 'age verification required'), a message (default is 'please enter in your date of birth') and terms and conditions, if you have any. As you will not be able to update these yourself, if you have special requirements on these fields please make sure you let us know before we code them in. Your logo will automatically appear on the lightbox. If a someone doesn't meet the age requirement, you can define what site or page they get redirected to.