Product Rating - $300

Customers love to see user ratings to gauge the quality of a product. If a product achieves good ratings, it really helps to maximise sales. Sites like YouTube, Amazon and Trademe all utilise reviews in a major way. We can enable users to rate products and the results are shown in the product view. This can be done for $300.

The Details...

On the details page of each product, rating block will appear. Visitors will be able to vote by clicking on one of ten stars. The system will take the average of the votes and calculate the average, which will appear on the site. To ensure a fair rating system, you're unable to edit votes that have been cast (just like youtube). If you'd like product ratings, these rating blocks will appear on all your products. If you back your products, and they usually get good reviews, products showing high star ratings usually result in high buyer confidence which can lead to more sales.

Product Rating Screenshot