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On Account Purchasing - $500

If you'd like to accept orders from your customers, and invoice them yourself, this is for you. Essentially, when making a purchase, your customer will select 'On Account'. They will not be asked for credit card information, and they will not be asked to complete a bank transfer.

You will be notified of their order, and you'll be able to log into your dashboard to see exactly what they've ordered. Likewise, the client will still be able to log in and see the system-generated invoice/account history to see what they have ordered.

Using your own accounting system/software, you'll manually send them an invoice in the manner you usually would. You can then change their order status like you usually would, using other payment methods. Once they've paid, you should mark their order as shipped/delivered.

This additional functionally is ideal for people with a known client base, or clients that have lots of repeat business. The main point to keep in mind is the invoicing is a manual process – it simply enables you to use your existing accounting and account management procedures to work alongside your website.