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Loyalty Programme - $600

We have a loyalty programme system that rewards customers for spending with you. Basically you define an amount they spend for 1 rewards point, and put a discount value on their rewards point. For example, every $10 spent = 1 reward point, 1 reward point = a $1 discount. When they log into their account, they can see their rewards point balances. You can also put a link in the emails you're sending to your customers, asking them to log in and check their reward points balance.

It's a great way for them to come back to the site to check their balance, and encourage them to shop again. With this functionality you also get discount vouchers (which is normally $300 alone), where you can setup promotion codes and give to your customers. When your customers put these codes in during checkout, they can get the discount that you define. The loyalty programme and discount voucher functions can be programmed in for $600 all up.

The details...

When we're setting it up your loyalty programme, just tell us a) how many dollars your customers have to spend to get a reward point, and b) how much your reward points are worth. If you'd like to set a minimum order amount that the loyalty points can be used with, or set it so that the discount can only be used on certain categories, let us know before the functionality is programmed in for you. Please note, you cannot limit this type of loyalty program only to certain groups only (e.g. only to your wholesalers).

When your loyalty functionality is programmed in, on your product page there will be a message that says "By buying this product you can collect up to 14 loyalty points. Your cart will total 14 points that can be converted into a voucher of $2.80." On the checkout page, will be a message: "By checking out of this shopping cart you can collect up to 18 loyalty points that can be converted into a voucher of $3.60.". Obviously, the relevant dollar figures and loyalty points will be reflected here. Please note that these messages are part of the system and cannot be customised without additional programming time ($100+gst per hour).

Your customers can then check and redeem their loyalty points at any time by logging into their account. They can then convert the loyalty points into a voucher and use the voucher to purchase further products from your site.