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Language Auto Translate - $300

Are you going to be selling product to overseas buyers? Chances are that not everyone on the website will speak English. We have an amazing multi language feature that uses the Google translate system. It automatically translates the site into the selected language. It won't be 100% perfect translations, but it's pretty close.

It also means you don't have to reload your content in multiple languages, as it just happens automatically. Obviously this opens your website up to significantly more customers internationally. We can do this for $300.

The Details...

Please note, this will auto-translate the text on your pages. If there are any words on any images (e.g. tabs, text in banners/logos etc), these will not be translated. If you'd like the auto-translate functionality, it's best to let us know before the website is coded. The reason being, if we have to do additional programming to change images to text (so they will be translated), we will have to cover our time ($100 per hour).

To select a language, the customer will select from a dropdown box, rather than clicking on a flag (even if the template shows a flags). The reason being, if a flag were to be used as the selection method, this would need to create a tag at the end of the URL, which would cause problems for search engine optimisation. Therefore, a dropdown box is required.

By default, as tabs are normally coded in as images, the tabs will not be translated, but the product titles and descriptions will be. All you need to do is let us know which languages you'd like the translation option for for, and we'll set up a block on your site, with a 'languages' dropdown. When the relevant language is selected, a google translate bar will appear at the top of the page (as this is a service provided by google, this cannot be customised).

This tool is pretty clever! If you'd like to get an insight into how Google's Auto-Translate works, view the video below.