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IP Detection for Currencies - $500

If your online shop has multiple currencies, we've got functionality we can program in for you which could make international sales much more likely. People are more likely to make purchases if what they're looking at purchasing is listed in their own currency. To cater to this opportunity, we can program in an IP detection code that can actually tell what country your visitor is connecting to your website from. Once our system has that information, we can program your shop to display your products in the currency of your chosing.

The Details...

Your currencies must first be setup on the shop to work. Your default currency is free, and to program in additional currencies is $100+gst per currency. We will set a rule that if for some reason the IP address (or country of origin) of the viewer is masked or isn't detected, we can display your default currency.  Please note that the IP Detect determines the display currency and has nothing to do with setting specific prices.