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DPS Integration - $500

Your ecommerce website comes with PayPal to process all credit card orders. It just results in a smoother ordering process than PayPal, which makes it easier for customers to purchase.

This means the cart abandonment rate with DPS tends to be less than PayPal. That's people who start the ordering process and don't complete it as it take too long or is too complex for them. DPS also integrates directly with your merchant bank account, whereas with PayPal the money goes into your PayPal account first, then you have to transfer it across to your account. That can make things a bit more difficult from a cash flow and accounting perspective. We can do DPS integration for $500+gst. If you're interested in getting DPS integrated into your website, just let us know, and we'll get our contact at DPS to run through the process with you.

The Details...

All customer details will be entered in on your ecommerce website, and will then be redirected to a secure DPS hosted page (the hosted page will be DPS's standard hosted page – if you would like design alterations, this can be done at $100+gst per hour). Usually, DPS has a setup, monthly and transaction fee. If you're doing a very high volume, DPS have higher usage plans that you can take advantage of.

Of course, when selling by credit card, there will be a percentage transaction fee. This is negotiated with your bank, and is usually between 2-5%, based on risk to the bank. There may be a setup fee on the bank's end as well, and a merchant account is needed. Please be aware that the setup process with the bank can be time consuming (depending on bank, this can take upwards of a month). If you're interested in DPS, please let us know as soon as you can so we can get the wheels in motion sooner than later, so your project is not held up.