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Discount Vouchers / Codes - $300

Do you want to be able to incentivise customers through promotions and discounts? We have a great system that allows you to provide discount vouchers to customers. This works really well in conjunction with the email marketing system, as you can send out discount offers to people in your customer base, to pull them back into the website to get them purchasing. You can also set expiry dates to make sure they take action. For example, "shop online this month and get $40 off your purchase". We can programme this in for $300.

This will work exactly as shown in the tutorial video here.

You can define discount vouchers / codes to a) discount a percentage of the order total, e.g. 20% b) discount an amount, e.g. $20 or allow free shipping. You can set a total number of times that the code can be used, and how many times one customer can use the code. You can even set the minimum order total that the discount will apply to (e.g. only apply the discount on orders above $100).

If you have the customer grouping functionality programmed in for you, you can also apply the discount only to certain groups (e.g. your wholesale customers, but not your retail customers).