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Customer Grouping - $600

If you want to have different price points for a variety of customers, for example, wholesalers rate vs. retail rate, we've got a great solution for you (for our ecommerce customers). We can set up customer grouping where you can select accounts to come under different price point groups, and when they log in, they get the relevant price point showing for them. This can even extend to high priority customers that get a more preferential rate than other groups. It's pretty complex to set up, but we can sort this for $600. It will function exactly as described in the tutorial here.

The Details...

In the backend, you'll be able to assign different customers to different groups. You'll also be able to define a price of each product according to the group the customer belongs to. By default, you won't be able to hide prices for certain groups without the 'hide prices' functionality, here.