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Custom Fields on Products - $300

If you want to allow your customers to customise, or leave notes or upload pictures in relation to products you're selling, we can program in some functionality to make this possible. For example, if you're selling Christmas Cards, and you want to customise what's on the cover according to the customer's specifications. It takes us a lot of time for us to program in – we can offer this functionality for $300+gst.

This functionality will work exactly as it does in the video below.

File fields are for if you want your customers to be able to upload a picture when they're purchasing a product. For example, if you want to let your customers submit a photo of what to include on the cover of the Christmas card, you'd use a file field. Picture files can be .gif, .jpg or .png.

Text fields are just for basic text information, for example, the personal message you want on the front of the Christmas card.

You'll be able to define whether or not your customers are able to upload images, or write text in relation to products, and define how many and what type of fields for each product. You'll also be able to name the fields. If we go back to the Christmas card example, you can define 'cover text' and 'cover image'. You can even make certain fields required. These can be unique for each product.

The customisation options will appear on the bottom of product details of the products that you've assigned the customization to, with the heading 'Product Customization'. If you'd like design or copy changes, this can be done at $100+gst per hour. If you've set a particular field as a required field, the customer won't be able to add the product to the cart until the field has been customised.