Cross Selling - $250

We've got a feature we can integrate that has been proven to significantly increase sales on Ecommerce sites. When customers on the site purchase multiple products, the system automatically records what products are frequently being purchased in the same transaction, for example skin toner and moisturiser. The system then shows "customers who purchased this product also purchased these products." uses this in a major way to drive sales. It's like having a salesperson on your site cross selling for you all the time. We can programme this in for $250+gst.

The Details...

The products will be presented to your customers at the bottom of the product details page of the product that they're viewing. A block will appear that reads "customers who bought this product also bought" as the title, and then a thumbnail and a view button below the product (as shown in the screenshot). Customisations of this block won't be necessary, but if desired can be done at $100+gst per hour.

The product suggestions are automatically generated, so you're unable to alter these suggestions yourself. Each time someone makes a purchase of multiple items, this link between products is recorded. The next time a customer orders a product that has been purchased along with another product, the other product is suggested. This will become more accurate the more people use the site. If nobody has purchased the product in question, no cross-selling link will be suggested. The great thing is you don't need to monitor this at all, or spend time giving suggestions yourself – the system will do this automatically for you.

It's just a great tool that many have used to increase sales. It's kind of like putting chewing gum and lollies at the checkout isle at the supermarket, but with products specifically targeted towards the type of products that your customers are likely to purchase.