Batch Loading - $100 / hr

For ecommerce websites, we can batch load all your products for you for 100+gst per hour. This is a one-time batch loading, and we must have all the information in the correct format. Essentially, you must provide a CSV file of all your products and product information that you want to upload. Your CSV columns should have your product name in one column, then category it belongs to, then it's price, then description in another, then the correct image file name. An example of this file can be found by clicking here.

You'll also need to supply us with all the images, with the filenames consistent with your CSV file. File names are case sensitive, so please make sure the file names in your CSV are exact. The best way for you to supply us with this is in one big zip file, and email this to us, along with your CSV file through (a free service that makes it easy to supply large files). Any errors or inconsistencies in your file can require a lot of time from our developers, which will be charged at $100 an hour.

In addition to a product/categories/price/description/picture importation, we can also import combinations, customers and addresses, manufacturers and suppliers.  If you wish to have this data imported also, we'll need to be told before we begin the importation process as adding this at a later time may affect the quote provided.

If you wish us to do a product extraction from an existing website solution (i.e. you do not wish to prepare a .csv document), this is more time consuming, and is still charged out at our hourly rate ($100+gst.  Whether or not it can be done will depend on the type access we have to your site, and also the technology it uses.  This must be assessed on a case-by-case basis. If you wish to have a formalised quote estimate for such a task, you'll need to supply us with a) the website name URL, b) what data you would like imported / how many products and c) provide us with all the backend password information, as well as ftp and database access.