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Additional Currencies - $100 per currency

Your shop has the capability to use multiple currencies. We'll need to setup the currency on your shop and configure it to get exchange rates current from a live feed. This feed comes from themoneyconverter.com, and is updated daily.

From the website visitior's perspective, they'll simply make a currency selection from a dropdown box, and prices will be automatically displayed in the currency selected, based on the live feed.

All prices are defined by the 'base currency' - this is usually New Zealand dollars. You're unable to manually set prices for each currency as these are automatically calculated.

You can have as many currencies as you like, but keep in mind that the payment gateway you use will need to support it. Our default payment gateway is PayPal. At the time of this writing, PayPal accepts Canadian Dollar, Euro, British Pound, U.S. Dollar, Japanese Yen, Australian Dollar, New Zealand Dollar, Swiss Franc, Hong Kong Dollar, Singapore Dollar, Swedish Krona, Danish Krone, Polish Zloty, Norwegian Krone, Hungarian Forint, Czech Koruna, Israeli New Shekel, Mexican Peso, Brazilian Real (only for Brazilian members), Malaysian Ringgit (only for Malaysian members), Philippine Peso, New Taiwan Dollar, Thai Baht, Turkish Lira (only for Turkish members) and Russian Ruble