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Adding the Shift CMS into your Ecommerce Project - $700

123 Online has developed an amazing info site CMS called Shift. We can program shift to work alongside your ecommerce site. This will give you incredibly advanced functionality and flexibility on your info pages. If you'd like a quick overview of shift, please watch the Shift Orientation Video below.

Even though your ecommerce pages and your info site pages will look very similar, from a technical standpoint, they are actually two separate websites, with two separate logins. The reason for the expense, is that we essentially need to build your website twice. You will use your ecommerce dashboard for your products, and your Shift dashboard for your info pages. The two systems will have two subtly different URLs. For instance, your online shop may be www.yourdomain.co.nz – and your info site CMS may be www.yourdomain.co.nz/cms.

The one thing to keep in mind is that you cannot combine ecommerce elements into your info pages. That is to say, you cannot have a shopping cart, product listings, product search, or categories listings etc on your info site pages. If your cart/categories/product listings are in your concept, we will need to remove them on your Shift site. Likewise, you cannot use shift on your ecommerce pages. This is because they're two completely different systems, working side by side. You can however link to products or categories using shift, simply by linking to the URL of any product/category.

If you have an ecommerce website with us, we will put you on our Shift 'Enterprise' Package (usually $1,590+GST), so you will be able to add unlimited pages yourself. Please keep in mind however, there will also be no dropdown menus on your tabs. Getting Shift added to your ecommerce website opens you up to using the Shift Apps Marketplace, where you can download or purchase a variety of functionality, such as Galleries, Form Builders, Members Areas and more. For more Shift Apps, feel free to read about them here.