Online Forms

Standard Online Form (Five Text Fields) - $100

Your standard online form is an online form that sits on your website. Customers wanting to contact you will complete the fields in the form. This will send you an email to the email address of your choice. These entries will not be recorded into a database, it's simply a web-to-email form. This form is limited to five fields. The standard form fields are 'Name', 'Organisation', 'Email', 'Phone', and 'Message'. We can customise these five fields to read whatever you'd like, or make all or certain fields required fields. Just let us know before your form is coded and we'll make the adjustments for you. Please note the form fields are not updatable through the CMS.

This form will not include any special functionality such as image or file uploads, show/hide options, 'thank you' response email, formulaic calculations or multiple pages. These fields are limited to text fields, as radio buttons and tick boxes take additional programming time to format correctly in the email returned to you. If you'd like these features you may wish to upgrade your form.

Advanced Online Form (Dropdown/Radio Buttons, Up to Twenty Fields) - $200

Your intermediate contact form is just the same as the standard online form (above), however this form is able to have dropdown and radio buttons, and up to twenty fields. These twenty fields can be customised to your liking, just let us know what fields you'd like to have before your form is coded.

If you'd like a file, pdf or image upload feature, one upload feature can be programmed into this form. Filetypes for the upload feature include: pdf, bmp, jpg, jpeg, gif, zip, rar, png, .doc, docx, xls, xlsx and csv. There is an upload limit of 8MBs. If you'd like more than twenty fields, or you'd like more advanced features than what the form allows, you may wish to get a custom online form. This online form includes one free upload feature – if more are needed these are charged at $100 per upload feature. This form will not be able to handle formulaic calculations, multiple pages, click to expand/hide options.

Custom Online Form - POA

Online forms can be anything from simple online contact forms, to complicated multi-page online quote generators. If you need anything that's not included in the standard or advanced online form, you'll need a custom quote. This can be provided for you free of charge. Simply let us know your form fields, and any special functionality that you need from your form, and we can provide you with a custom quote based on your requirements..