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Google Analytics - $100

If your website is a major part of your business, Google Analytics is a must. It's basically a piece of software that sits on your website that gives you amazingly advanced statistics on all of the behaviour of your website's visitors. You statistics are shown in a user-friendly graphical display, covering aspects like how many people visit your website, what they're typing into the search engines to find you, what websites are referring to you, and how long people are spending on your site. You can even drill down to specifically what towns in New Zealand people are viewing your website from.

The Details...

Essentially, we'll sign up for Google Analytics on your behalf and integrate it with your website. You'll then be able to do everything yourself in the video above. The $100 installation and integration fee is for the setup, and ensuring that all relevant pages are being tracked. There are a lot of advanced features in Google analytics, and website statistical tracking is a seperate field from web design. Therefore 123 Online will not be able to offer you on-going support relating to the Analytics system. If you need guidance or your accounts to be optimised however, please contact support and we'll put you in touch with our partner company who specialises in this field.