An image gallery is a really easy way for you to manage a large number of images to display to your customers. If you've got projects or images that you need to showcase to your clients we'd definitely recommend you get a gallery.

Basically, your gallery displays all your images in a thumbnail format, and then your customers can click on each thumbnail, and it'll do a nice-looking zoom effect to show a full-sized version. They can then click on next arrow, and basically scroll through your portfolio like they would a slideshow. Our standard gallery is $200+GST for us to install and integrate, but it basically means if you've done new work you can instantly showcase it.

You can also have as many galleries as you'd like across different pages. You can see a live example on one of our websites here:

The Details

The gallery will look and function exactly like the gallery featured in the above link. You can edit the size on the thumbnail yourself, and thumbnails automatically resize to be the same height and width, so they have a consistent look on the page. You can also add comments which will display under the thumbnails, and add titles which will display below the images when they're clicked. You can have up to two lines of text as a 'comment' under each thumbnail if you wish.

The thumbnails are automatically generated. There are two styles of thumbnail layouts. One with a grid view (as shown in the link) and the other in a list view, displaying thumbnails down the page, with the image comments along side them. Since the thumbnails are automatically generated for you, these cannot be edited. Any customisations to the gallery (e.g. border colour and thickness) can be done at an hourly rate ($100+gst per hour for the graphical changes, and $100+gst per hour to have programmed in).