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Flash Detection Code - $500

Since the recent influx of iphone and ipad sales, more and more devices nowadays are not displaying flash correctly.

The problem is, because ipads/iphones have come out not supporting flash, if your website has flash in it, your website won't load properly on these devices.

If you have an existing flash website with this issue, and you would like your website to display correctly on these devices, you've got a few different options...

a) keep everything as is - it will work on all computers with the flash plugins installed (approximately 90% of people) and simply will not work on non-flash supporting devices

b) we can remove all the flash animation effects, so your site will load properly on the new devices. This is two hours work for us as we have to re-create the headers and links ($200+gst). This will get rid of the animation effects, but will ensure that your website works across non-flash devices.

c) we can do both - we can create some code that detects if the user has flash or not - for those that do, it will display a flash version - for those that don't, a static version will appear. We have to implement the code and basically do the header areas twice (one flash, one non-flash). It's an additional $300, and is the recommend option if you'd like to keep the animation effects, but displaying your website to those with ipads and iphone is important for you as well.

The Details...

The flash detection code will invisibly sit on your website. When a visitor arrives at your site, this will detect if they have flash installed on their browser. If they do, it will display the flash version of the website. If not, it will display a static version of your site with no animation.

If you had a photo rotating on your website, this will display your first photo only on non-flash-capable devices.

If your buttons have a hover effect, our coders will retain this where possible. However, if there is any animation in the hover effect this will need to be removed. For example, if you have a button that changes colour, but displays animation in between the colour change, the colour change will be retained by the animation will be removed.