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Custom Animation - $100+gst /hr

Many of our websites have some pretty advanced flash animation. Since we do our web design based off off templates, most of the animation has already been done for us. This is why we can offer such complicated animation on our websites without adding to the package price.

For most people, the animation already on the templates suits their needs, however, if our clients require animation not already on the template, this is a very time-consuming process so we need to cover our time (our rates for custom animation are at $100 an hour). We have some very talented flash designers on our team, who are capable of some very funky animation.

If you have something particular in mind, let your designer know as clearly as you can exactly what you want the animation to look like and we'll give an estimate. Please keep in mind, animation is very time-consuming. If you want further adjustments this will be done at the hourly rate, outside of any estimates. Also bear in mind, due to limitations of apple ipads/ipods/iphones, flash will not be visible on these devices. If you'd like your website to have lots of flash animation, as well as being able to cater for those on ipads/ipods/iphones, consider also getting a flash detection code, described here.